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Meet: MORSO!

It’s the year 1920. The Twenties are Roaring.
You’re gallivanting through the bustling town of Antwerp, soaking up the pleasant buzz of the Summer Olympics. The setting sun kisses the Scheldt goodnight. Time to leave the river banks and head over to the Grote Markt, through the ever vibrant Suikerrui. With Het Steen just a few steps behind you, suddenly the alluring sound of Charleston music and the enticing aroma of grilled meaty deliciousness draw your attention. Both seem to originate from a cosy-looking restaurant with a large terrace and a brown and gold British inspired interior. In a couple of decades’ time this décor will be defined as quintessentially vintage and retro, but you don’t know that, of course. The manager, fully dressed in his newsboy cap and tailored jacket, warmly invites you inside. He casually tucks away his pocket watch, and then escorts you to your table – past walls covered with portraits of Gloria Swanson and Douglas Elton Ulman. You take a seat, a glass of bubbly in your hand. The menu is flirting with you from across the table. Making your mouth water. French-Belgian cuisine with brochette and skewer specialities as the stars of the menu.
Let’s dive in & grab a Morso…
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it’s morSOOOO easy!

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Travel back in time, the 1920s are waiting for you! Whether you come and experience them with a cocktail, glass of wine or one of our delicious dishes: be welcome.

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